Yarddog's Grow

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by yarddog | 3 Posts | 20 Points

I will add some pics over the weekend, deleted them all from my phone a few days ago and have yet to take any new pictures.
I grow in two spaces; I bloom in a 4 x 6 cabinet with about five and a half feet head space. I use a 1k watt hps with an air cooled fixture. I run a phresh carbon filter and exhaust into the attic, except when winter when I divert the warm exhaust air into my home.
For veg I use a closet; about 3 x 6 feet, plenty of headroom. Currently burning an eight bulb T5HO fixture, about to switch over to a led for veg. Will save me about 20-30 bucks a month on my power bill
Currently I am holding ten strains, most are strains or crosses from a few forum members, some drop in here occasionally.
I grow with the GH 3part with liquid koolbloom added during flower, grown in chipped coco. Hand watered
I grow for personal use, I like knowing where my meds come from, not to mention it cost less and growing is fun!!

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RE: Yarddog's Grow

in Grow Journals Sat Jan 21, 2017 4:40 pm
by 4u2sm0ke • Marijuana is good | 2.333 Posts | 10572 Points

thanks for sharing with us Yarddog

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RE: Yarddog's Grow

in Grow Journals Sun May 28, 2017 6:01 pm
by Kraven | 18 Posts | 108 Points

Good to see ya dog, thanks for sharing. Peace

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