Gooey's simple minded way to grow.

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Gooey's simple minded way to grow.

Thank you Gooeybreeder for allowing me to repost your work

I like the old K.I.S.S. method for anything. Keeping it simple stupid is always my way when i can do it and growing is the same.
When I do grows for testing, it's always in a good widely used product, but when I grow for my own needs it's different. Why? In tests I like to do what most folks do who are starting out or med level grows who stay in with what worked early on. That way I can see what they will see.
But for myself I want fast, Big and lush. All the works I put out are designed to produce. Be it a good SOG or a tree grow, they can do it when done right.
Now I see more folks doing the stock a turn and I want them to see what I see in my rooms as I want that for you. And I think to myself just how truly easy my way is and I just have to share.
I use mainly only 4 products( see photo below). Two types of bat shit( Mexican for N and Indonesian for flowering) , a soilless medium and Superthrive. PH'ed water( 6.3-6.5). That's it no kidding. I make the soil hot with bat shit, but nothing more. Sorry my pics are a slight bit blurry, I know I know,lol. But as one can see, they are healthy and happy and I don't have to do much or spend much. Oh and the lighting.....cool whites only at this stage. Don't waste big money lighting small plants with HID lights, not worth it. Save em to use during flowering instead. I also mist with a tea made from the bat crap as well. Just make it in a large bucket and strain it out. I mix both kinds together for this. I mist about twice a week.
The ones in the pics are all kinds, from Lava to Gooey to Berry Mania's and Dark Desires. And the close up is to show folks what to look for in some of my darker strains when they will show deeper colors. They may still display colors in flower without this trait, but the one's that show this in general are darkest.
Everything always looks like these during veg and still stay nice and dark for flowering.
Try it folks, you may find this way a small bit easier

Halfstep posted

Hey Gooey, thanks for the thread and good info, as always .... and genetics.

Im suprised you grow in Pro-Mix w/ only guano as an ammendment. I assumed you
grew in like a super-soil, or something similar, but i guess that is your super-mix.

Im absolutely an organic soil grower, i love to use teas too. Thanks for the info on foliar spraying w/ them. I've never tried that, but its a good idea. In your teas, is that really
all you use? I make some killer tea, but use a lot more things in it, I start out w/ EWC,
Alaskan humus, and Indonesian guano; in my water, in 4 gals, to be diluted more, i use
about 2-4 ml depending on the product to feed the microbes, of Hygrozyme, molasses (1Tbsp), Humic and Fulvic, Iguana Juice (fish emulsion, kelp, etc., and Equilibrium (Calcium carbonate, Oyster shell meal, kelp, yucca, polysaccharrides) for secondary, micro nutes, and trace elements, as well as food and carbon source for microbes. I also add GH's Sub-Culture's M & B and Azos nitrogen fixing bacteria. Between the Sub-Cultue, Azos, and alaskan humus (35,000 spec. bacteria, 5,000 fungi, protozoa, nematodes, etc.) 48-72 hrs of aeration and i got a killer frothy/foamy incredibly diverse bio-dynamic tea.

So, Gooey: You only use guano in your teas? you dont use any beneficial microbe products at all, just rely on the ones in the Pro-Mix? not even EWC? Im suprised you get a sufficient amount of K from just using the Pro-Mix and N & P guanos. You dont add anything else, not even mix it w/ any kind of soil?
Im just suprised, cuz your stuff always looks killer. Amazing is more like it. Thats crazy.

Do you use SuperThrive all through veg and flowering or just veg? either way, how
much do you use, and how often? thanks.

Are those new strains of yours? The "Berry Mania" and "Dark Desire"? If so, whats the lineage? any pics? and are they going to be released and when or are they still in testing, etc? Thanks man, appreciated. -peace

Heres a few, 4 , "You Want This" at a little over a month, for you guys to see some of the newer Gooey gear in action, even if its only in veg. The trays are a week apart and weeks old (the pics). Only 4 seedlings are YouWantThis, all in the back, closest to where te pics were taken from -peace


GooeyBreeder's post

When using this Pro mix...
One very important thing you must do is let your water sit 24 hrs. DO NOT use city water right from the tap. If you do you'll kill off the good stuff living in the mix. Ph ing is needed to get the fastest growth and best nute uptaking. One can easily test this in this mix and what is off will show fast in a room full of plants.
I use Superthrive all through veg and a few weeks into flowering but stop all use after weeks 3-5 depending on the plants. Sativa plants can use it longer.
For the amount of time these plants are in the room, K levels will be fine and No I don't add anything else other than MAYBE a half a coke or so, but only if I think about it and I use that at the onset of flowering mostly to help push sugars into the plant for early formation.
I use about three cups per 5 gal bucket full of each type of bat shit when I mix my soil and the plants go right in it, no sitting around. If they can't take it they are culled ( all the one's you see in the pics do well under that kind of stress and overcome any slight slow downs as they get used to it fast). It is a pretty hot mix.
I use this method when I'm growing for myself or when I'm making seed, in the seed making, I lean to the N side slightly to help produce a higher ratio of females. This trait ( of being infunanced by nutes in this way, is strain related, hence some mostly refined strains show less influances in this way. I will most likely not try to sway the ratio in these as folks want males from my stocks too, so I'll leave it alone for this run.
I kinda knew that folks thought of me as a busy grower using all kinds of things, but for myself, this is how I do it and Gooey shines bright in this mix.....so I listen to her most.

I'll get some pics of some flowers growing in this mix ( lol, three inches deep in a tray with about 30 plants....and no drain holes in the tray. I know, not great form, but I had more clones than I could use and so I thought I put em right in flowering once rooted. Two inches tall at the start, but more on that once I get pics and also get back from OR. in a few days. I'll be off till then so hold any more questions until I get back so you don't think I'm not listening. Pics here are Gooey at about a foot tall and ready to take off!

HASHISH posted
keepn it simple is great but keepn it cheap and organic are others i often find people finally starting to seek since were growing meds;both (organic / meds)naturally supplied by nature for free....helping those find the middle ground between the three is were i feel the need to encourage rather then blanket recommendations

can organic be cheap & simple?
guano is a pretty penny & one of the hottest organic nutes to use...this is ok when one understands less is best as organic nutburn flowers, are & still. taste/smoke like overfed nugs
but a little does go along way so thats were guano shines impo,specially when brewed..ecologically not sound but organic

superthrive is nothing but b-1 combined w/ a synthetic rooting hormone(1-Naphthyl acetic acid_NAA) & i dont approve of this stuff at all nor get the hype..
The hormone 1-Naphthyl acetic acid (NAA) does not occur naturally. Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), products containing NAA require registration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as pesticides
fact is healthy growing plants are able to synthesize their own vitamins, B-1 being one;as do many of the beneficial fungi and bacteria found in healthy living soil specially lving around the rhizosphere, so this kills the free natural source of this vitamin (let alone all the rest these organisms do)and replaces it with a insecticide/fungicide.
also both organic or synthetic growth regulator (hormones) auxin,gibberellins,cytokinins etc can also easily be overused by newbies let alone stupids? this can cause stress and usually plant deforming(retard growth,hermies,etc) confusing more then helping imo.
In fact the broad-leaf weed killer Weed-B-Gone and the infamous "Agent Orange", a defoliant that saw widespread use in Viet Nam, are little more than synthetic auxin.

a natural plant hormone can be found in willow,kelp,alfalfa to name a few

“Willow Water” is a simple homebrew, plant rooting hormone that is easily made and can be used to increase the strike rate (growth of roots) of cuttings that you’re trying to propagate.
The way that it works can be attributed to two substances that can be found within the Salix (Willow) species, namely, indolebutyric acid (IBA) and Salicylic acid (SA).
Indolebutyric acid (IBA) is a plant hormone that stimulates root growth. It is present in high concentrations in the growing tips of willow branches. By using the actively growing parts of a willow branch, cutting them, and soaking them in water, you can get significant quantities of IBA to leach out into the water.
Salicylic acid (SA) (which is a chemical similar to the headache medicine Aspirin) is a plant hormone which is involved in signalling a plant’s defences, it is involved in the process of “systemic acquired resistance” (SAR) – where an attack on one part of the plant induces a resistance response to pathogens (triggers the plant’s internal defences) in other parts of the plant. It can also trigger a defence response in nearby plants by converting the salicylic acid into a volatile chemical form.
When you make willow water, both salicylic acid and IBA leach into the water, and both have a beneficial effect when used for the propagation of cuttings. One of the biggest threats to newly propagated cuttings is infection by bacteria and fungi. Salicylic acid helps plants to fight off infection, and can thus give cuttings a better chance of survival. Plants, when attacked by infectious agents, often do not produce salicylic acid quickly enough to defend themselves, so providing the acid in water can be particularly beneficial.

Willow water can be made from cuttings of any tree or shrub of the willow family, a group of plants with the scientific name of Salix. The more cuttings that are used and the longer they are soaked in water, the stronger will be the resulting willow water. Recommendations for the exact method of soaking vary. Cold water can be used, and soaking times of four or more weeks are often quoted. Other gardeners use boiling water to steep the willow twigs and soak the mixture for around 24 hours.

now growing plants to grow plants isnt really simple to every ones life style;i understand but then again plants tend to provide more then one resource,are free,last longer then most will live & growing shit is hipl..

for others, a bottle hydrostore organic alternative could be thrive alive b-1 green,its omri stamped;if that means anything to anyone..

also thers seaweed
Benefits of Kelp
witch does alot for the soil,roots,growth of plant aswell as natural defence against pest and heat...
products like Acadian Seaplants Powder is made using a cold-extraction process that keeps more of the 'good stuff' in seaweed intact. @ $14.00 per lb of dry concentrate powder; your not paying for water soit goes a very long way..

like all things natural and organic,they tend to provide more then one resource,so while a seaweed foliage spray & willow tea hormones help roots grow,the other essential properties(to many to list) go to town as well,feeding both the plant and the life forces that guide them

Let's help each other, by spreading our knowledge of the plants we love
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RE: Gooey's simple minded way to grow.

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Gooeybreeder's post

Most of these plants are from clones...
so they feed heavier than say plants from seed that are the same size. Yes, I make it hot, and that is why I add my plants in the same day as i mix the stuff. That way the break down of the shit happens as the plants grow into the stuff, getting used to it. This helps. Gooey, Lava and a few others can be big eaters and I have to use floor space wisely in order to get all this breeding work done, so smaller pots with stronger soils help extend things long enough to work well. these things love root space and do better with more. Hotter soil helps slow down the lower growth below ground while staying strong and fast above. Knowing the plants you work with inside and out helps gobs too.
As for Superthrive, sorry, but I've been using this most of my growing life and I see a side by side difference in plants with and without and frankly they are just better with it. I've seen it with my own eyes for too many years to not think it helps.
I've cut through a lot of products through the years, this combo hits it well for me over all the rest, so it's what I use.
Like the thread title said, this is my simple minded way

Gooeybreeder's Post

these are done using 4 ft flour. bulbs...
two fixtures, 4 bulbs each about 3' from the tops. I'd go much closer but I need the coverage and the stock is designed to stay compact anyway and most Gooey lines and crosses can do well with less light.
I never use HID lights for anything but flowering myself as i feel it's just a large waste of money, not to mention using lights better suited for production when flours do the job well and have a better light for veg. This way I have big lights working all the time without having to switch things over. This way they stay on 12/12 doing the flowering thing everyday. Much better use of resources.

Let's help each other, by spreading our knowledge of the plants we love
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