Springtime, Indoor Plants Go Outdoor

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Why are my plants in flower already?

You want to get a jump on the season growing outdoors. You start your seeds under some lights inside (lights on 24 hours or even 18 hours), say around February. Your plants are doing great and the temps outside are warming up every day. Finally the BIG day comes and you want to put them out, say April. The night temps are above 46f consistently and you are just busting at the seams to get those girls out under some real sunlight.

It is May or June now and you notice that your girls are starting to put clusters of pistils at the ends of their branches. You suspect that they are going into flower, then in a few days you know they are and you come here to Marijuana Passion with your concerns.

The reason they have gone into flower is the drastic change in hours of daylight compared the the hours of artificial light they had been under. Plain and simple as that.

Your plants are in early flower and you wonder what the heck is gonna happen now. They are small, they are early and you are freaked.

What will happen next is they will continue to look like they are in flower for a few weeks, developing buds nicely and trichlones too. Assuming you leave them out and don't kill them and start over. They will eventually give you some smoke if you leave them to go into the reveg stage then on to flowering normally early August.

Soon, (about two weeks) The buds will start to grow apart, elongate. Each budlet (do not know the biological term) will move apart and the stem will grow longer. The leaves will start to come out in threes and ones. Some will look twisted (see picture). As the weeks pass, you see the new growth look more and more normal (meaning that the leaves get less twisted and more like a normal MJ leaf). The earlier in the season this starts, the more new vegetative growth you will get.

Sometimes the plant will not grow much more taller or wider (by this I mean they will not be five or six footers, though sometimes they will). Or I should say mine don't. I have a short grow season and it seems every year I run into this problem. IF I put out plants early, even shielding them from cold weather.

I have learned, when I start seeds in late February, I use a 14 hours of light. This way, when I put them out mid May, they have almost exactly the same light as when they were inside at 14 hours. No reveg, just nice big plants. There are Links here to light tables that will show you exactly how many hours of daylight on a certain day at your exact location. That way you can plan on how much light to give your plants depending on the day you want to put them out.

I have also read that if you wait until June to put out your 24/7 plants you will be able to have some good vegetative growth before they start to flower, as the days are longest in June. That way they do not do the reveg thing.

I hope this helps someone else out. I was freaked myself, my first grow. Since then I have grown some pretty amazing plants using this technique of matching daylight to artificial light when moving from Indoor to Outdoor in Spring.

This is a Post Crash Thread. Please feel free to add your comments and experience with this subject.

Hick please add your experience on reveg.

1. Lavender goes into early flower in June.
2. Lavender in reveg (note the single, tripple and curled leaves)
3. Lavender after/during harvest in October. The leaves that were on the plant when it reveded have died.

Lavender yielded an amazing amount, between two plants I got just under a pound, very close. This is the first time I got good growth on a reveded plant, usually I get three or four ounces on a reveged plant. The two Lavender were so heavy they had to be tied up to the cross braces of my cage. They also achieved about a five foot height.

Attached pictures:
Lav harvest Oct.jpg
Lav reveg July.jpg

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RE: Springtime, Indoor Plants Go Outdoor

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by 4u2sm0ke • Marijuana is good | 2.333 Posts | 10572 Points

I have experience on Reveging....IMO you need to have lights on 24hrs a day...Double up on the Nitro...and be patient..and a nice foilure spray along the way

I place plants outside end of june...I do place one out on Aplril fools for fun every year

take care and be safe
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