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4 3/4 cups virgin olive oil
1 1/2 cups st johns wort
2 cups dried calendula blossoms
1/4 cup comfry root
1/4 cup org lavender flowers
6 TBLSP coconut oil
1 1/2 cups dried cannabis LEAF
pure beeswax, enough to make a "salve consistency"

Heat the oils and add the dried roots. never boil or simmer. keep just below the simmer point. if you see bubbles then turn down. Steep the herbs for a couple hours, stirring every once in awhile. when done, cool and strain using several layers of cheesecloth or an herb press. place in a clean vessel and add beeswax. you wont need too much , a few TBLSP's ...you can always remelt it and add more if it doesnt have the consistency you prefer.

This recipe is a general guide. many other oils can be used/substituted/added along with dried herbs and plant oils.
It's a great general use salve for about everything. if this will be used on children etc you need to omit the cannabis leaf. the salve is great for bug bites/stings & little scratches.

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Cannabis Glycerin Tincture

An easy made recipe, that with time, and love is very medicinally effective.

trichomed filled bud trimming
vegetable grade glycerine

I make a non-alcohol based tincture by first having enough juicy trichomed filled trim (and buds) to fill the size of canning jar you have. I use quart and half gallon canning jars. First take your dry trim and crush it up then soak it in cold water for 15-20 minutes ( this is done to rinse out the chlorophyll), then drain well. Put enough trim in your jar to fill it to about 3/4's full. Add vegetable grade glycerin to within a few inches of the top. Cap and store in cool dark place, taking out at least once daily and roll and shake for 5-10 minutes. This process should be done at least 60 days, and can be left even longer for stronger tincture. I then empty everything into a pot and cook on very low for 10-15 minutes to help separate more of the trichomes, (never getting over 175 degree's). Then strain and or press to separate trim from glycerin. Some use coffee filters to for final straining, I myself use a piece silkscreen.

MMMMMMMMM good stuff.

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Easy Hash

Please keep in mind that if you want you full maximum amount of high quality hash you should invest in bubble bags. for those who would like a few grams of full melt for personal use this is a great method.

Things you will need:

2 bigger soup pots, 15-20 quarts. Fill one 3/4 full with ice water

2 clear quart Jars

Brass coffee filter

Paper coffee filters


Kitchenaide mixer

Lots of trim!!!!

1. It is best to use high quality trim as opposed to shade and fan leaves.

2. I have found that is works best if you freeze your trim over night.

3. Fill the Kitchenaide mixing bowl about 3/4 full with frozen trim and about 1/2 full with very cold ice water (don't put the ice in the bowl with the trim and water).

4. I have taken a round Tupperware container lid and cut a hole out of the middle so that I can cover Kitchenaide while mixing. It is important that you find a way to cover the bowl while the mixer is on or you will wear the contents of the bowl.

5. Put on the wire whisk and mix on almost high speed for about a 1 and 1/2 mins. until it gets frothy, making sure to hold the lid on VERY tightly the whole time. You want most of the ice from the leaf to be melted but still have a little left. * If you want you can use the metal mixing piece and get significantly more hash, you can also use the wire whisk for a longer period of time and get more but it is not usually a full melt hash like like the method described. And so it is a question of quality vs quantity and what you personally want.

6. Now strain the mix with the colander into the other large pot. Take a cup or two of clean water and rinse mixed leaf as best as possible. Then squeeze the water out of the leaf mass and put the leaf aside to use for cannabutter.

7. Repeat this process until your trim is gone. Keep the mixed and strained water in the fridge to keep it cool.

8. Take the whole pot of greenish water, that is full of little white trichromes, and filter it through the brass coffee filter into the other pot.

9. Now you put the filtered water in the fridge and wait for about 45 mins. Trichromes are heavier than water so they will sink. Dump off the top 90% of the water watching carefully and being sure not to dump out the white stuff on the bottom, the trichromes. * I usually save the excess water to make cannabutter with.

10. Dump the rest of the water, with the trichromes in it, into your kitchenaide bowl (because it is easy to handle) and fill it about 1/2-3/4 full with clear cold water and let it sit for about 45 mins in the fridge. Dump the top 90% of the water off being sure not to pour out the trichromes.

11. Pour the rest into a jar, if you did it well you will only need one jar. It is okay if you have to use two jars, you just need to pour off a little more water. * Don't worry you'll get all the missed good stuff in the cannabutter anyway.

12. If the water is pretty clear without alot of green tint to it just let it sit in the fridge for 45 mins and then dump off as much water as you can. If the water seems dark add clean water let it sit and dump it off repeating until the water is more clear than not.

13. Dump the small amount of sandy looking water through a coffee filter and your hash will appear. Once the water is drained sufficiently it is easiest to get the hash off the filter while it's still wet, rather than let it dry on the filter. * Do not try to the hash off while it is soupy! What doesn't come off easily you can scrape off with a credit card. Let it dry over night before you try it, let it dry for like 5-7 days before you put it away. If you made a good full melt hash it will stay a little soft and pliable for a very long time.

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Cannabis Honey Elixir

It is not hard to make and you can play with it.

put honey in a pan on LOW heat up the honey.
add MMJ (i use one cup honey/ 1/8oz of MMJ)
and add water (i use about 1/4 cup/ cup of honey) some people use alcohol it will cook out.
at this point you can add things like lemon, lime, blueberry or other flavorings
cook on low for about 45 min to a hour.
set a side and let cool, strain and jar.

you and play with flavor and strength. add more or less MMJ. have fun with it!!

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Cannabis Beer

This is assuming you've already got a homebrew setup going and you're producing your own beer.

Cannabis can be added to the beer at the same time the hops is added. THC is oil/alcohol soluble and some will dissolve in the brew as it ferments. Before adding it to the brew there are a few things you must do. Make sure the cannabis is dried until crispy. This removes all water molecules from it thus activating the THC. Soak the cannabis in cold water for several hours. This removes some of the water soluble tars and chlorophyll that are associated with that "plant" taste. General rule is one ounce shade leaves per gallon brew. Higher quality plant, use less cannabis.

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Arthritis Balm

4 ounces of leaf marijuana
1 1/4 cup olive oil
Bees wax
Take 4 ounces of leaf marijuana and place in a large stock pot. Cover well with water and add 1.25 cups of olive oil. Bring to a boil and simmer at a low boil for 5-6 hours, adding water as needed.

Allow to cool and strain through cheese cloth, saving the liquid. Place the liquid into the refrigerator over night.

Peel the olive oil layer off the top and place into a small pot and heat over low to melt. Add some beeswax (1-2 ounces should work but experiment to get the consistency you like) and cool into a salve.
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Topical Linament

3-7 grams cannabis sugar leaf ground
bottle of 90% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
Topical linament using rubbing alcohol, and keifed leaf.

Grind to a fine powder approximately 3-7 grams cannabis sugar leaf, open a bottle of 90% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), pour approximately 1/3 of contents into a seperate container for storage. Using a funnel with an opening appropriate to container, pour in ground material, shake well, then store in a dark place, shaking every few days, for 1-2 months. Strain out material, using a cheesecloth, apply liberally to affected area for pain relief, as needed.

Good for arthritis, and muscle pain,

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Hash Yogurt

cooking oil
Prepare in a teaspoon enough hash for a decent joint. Add a small amount of cooking oil into the spoon so that it covers all the hash.
Then heat the spoon with a lighter for about 2 minutes. The cooking oil will start to bubble and become cloudy with a dark colour.
The oil extracts the THC from the hash and 'brings it to the surface'.
When all the hash has dispersed into the oil, have a yogurt ready prepared.
(let cool a bit) Dip the spoon, with its contents, into the yogurt and stir.
Leave for 5 minutes to let it disperse into the yogurt, however if you can't wait that long, eating instantly is still alright.

Let the oil/hash mixture cool before mixing so's the yogurt doesn't curdle.
Use as little oil as possible, as not to affect flavor.

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Cannabis Ice Cream

25G ((2 table spoons or 1/4 of a stick)) Butter
18FL OZ Single Cream
75g sugar
Pinch salt
1/4 Ounce Crumbled hash
10G crushed bud
15OZ Bananas
3 Tablespoons Rum
5 Tablespoons Honey
Cooking Instructions:
Difficulty: Complicated
Contains Marijuana: Yes
One of the best ways to consume pot and satisfy your munchies at the same time is to eat it as ice cream. Gently ((!!!)) heating cannabis with cream is an extremely efficient way of maximizing the extraction of the THC components of cannabis. And storing the ice cream in the freezer will maintain it's potency for months to come. However, to get the best results, use hash rather then grass in the recipe.

Heat the cream in a saucepan until nearly boiling. In a second saucepan melt the butter with the sugar and salt. Hear the hash with a flame and crumble it into the melted butter, stirring all the while. Then whisk the cream with the butter.
Peel the bananas. Put them into a large bowl and mash em up. Add cream, rum, and honey. You can add other stuff for flavor if you want, oreos, nuts, etc. Beat well to mix. Pour mixture into a chilled shallow plastic container. Cover and freeze for a few hours until the mixture is a mushy consistancy. Turn out mixture into a chilled bowl. Whisk until smooth.
Return the mixture to the container, cover, and freeze until firm. Transfer to the fridge 30 minutes before serving to soften it up.


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