in Hash and concentrates Thu Mar 13, 2014 10:50 am
by Justa420Friend | 633 Posts | 2284 Points

.. ^ ^ ^ ^ Virgin grower. hi(gh) how are you?


I think I'm done buying all the stuff I need (lol as if) to finish my virgin run and now its time to start thinking of after the grow is done.

as I only have room for one plant, the trimmings etc will not be nearly as plentiful as so many of you lucky (bastages) individuals who have room for many, MANY (tear) many more.... where was I?

keif box?
bubble bag set?
cases of butane?

I think I'm ok with the idea of butane and I know I'll be fine with the process but somehow I'm hesitant on that path
I've used lots of D-ice (dry ice) in my overclocking days so DiceHash is very possible
(I have a dewar for liquid nitrogen if anyone has any crazy ideas how that might work)

Just looking for ideas/suggestions on what I should plan on having/doing with my meager 1 plant's worth of trim.
Save it up for 3-4 grows (obviously) and then....

thanks for the input

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