An Open Letter

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Following my decision to apologise to @Umbra via pm regarding DaftPunk's (aka Time4PlanB) posts on MP, I've decided to make this an Open Letter for all to see. I hope this clears up many assumptions and makes it clear that my participation was done as a third party only basis, as I was interested in sharing my experiences using unconventional lighting schedules. I was not involved in the subsequent Trolling.


@Weedhopper @Rosebud @NorCalHal

Hi Umbra

I'd like to apologise for TimeforplanB turning a serious Topic into a trolling session on MP

Please also apologise to Hal and Rose from me.

Hackerman was also correct with his guess and I believe if you look at DaftPunks (T4PB) posts at MP it will become clear that it is not “me”


It had never been my intention for an alternative lighting schedule thread to turn into a pissing match or name calling thread. I simply wanted to share my experiences.

T4PB and I have been friends since 2008 when I first joined MP and continue to message each other and share genetics through seeds and cuttings.

He originally wanted to spread the word about alternative lighting schedules and was supposed to use the “quote” function to differentiate between my words and his and post live links. He clearly didn't and the thread quickly became a Trolling session.

This was never my intention and again I apologise for this happening.

I would however like to explain to you how and why I started to use 12-1 veg and 6-18 flower in my own gardens.

Please consider the reasons behind my decision to begin experimenting with these controversial schedules.

From years of reading countless threads upon various forums it slowly dawned on me that some growers have been using different lighting schedules with reasonable results for a very long time.


taking into account that one “rule of thumb” concerning outdoor growing is that “4hrs direct lighting” is often quoted as being the minimum “direct” lighting advised to ensure decent results.

Building upon this minimum 4hr direct light I became aware of many 100% Sativa growers using a multitude of various lighting schedules to not only control plant size but also, rightly or wrongly, in an attempt to shorten very long flowering strains flowering period.

It became apparent to me that these growers, of various skill levels, could grow 100% Sativa's in small pots inside with reasonable/decent results.

Some used the ever increasingly popular 11-13 schedule often saying that this would prevent equatorial strains from reversing back into veg.

Others used diminishing schedules over the total flowering period.

As I had never grown 100% Sativa's and was now living in France, again, I decided that I'd try to grow TSC Old Congo and Durban Punch using 11-13 and a very short veg period. These plants were germ'd indoors, veg'd for 14 days and initially flowered at 11-13 indoors and then moved outdoors in Mid May where I employed manual light dep using a traditional 12-12 period. Every day at 6pm the plants were placed in a grow tent and were again placed outdoors after sunset.

During this period I became aware of Joe's curious 6-18 schedule.

It was also during this time period that I was sexing other outdoor plants.
I decided to experiment with these males and flower'd them indoors under my T5 unit using the 6-18 schedule.

I was amazed that not only did the males flower nicely, they didn't appear stressed and grew just as I'd expect under 12-12. The pollen also proved to be viable as I later f2'd some Nube Roja.


As my Sativa experiment drew to a close, I decided to attempt to re-veg two of the Old Congo's using 12-1 under T5's

Again, I was amazed to see the plants re-veg quicker then I'd ever see plants re-veg before. This could possibly be attributed to the Sativa genetics but nevertheless the plants re-veg'd quicker then I could have hoped for.

I had now reached the point that I was confident enough to attempt a full indoor grow using both 12-1 and 6-18.

sadly during the grow I became heavily depressed during the grow, remember I am Bi-Polar, and neglected the plants.

Even though the plants were neglected, the harvest proved (to me) that 6-18 appeared to be viable and I decided to continue with my experiments.

This leads us to my current grow


At present I have 19 fems @ 3 weeks into flower, as of today.

They have been grown using 12-1 veg and 6-18 in flower.
This week I rejected 1 Rotten Banana from Thug Pug Genetics as I discovered it was showing balls.

Please note that these seeds from Thug Pug may not be the real deal. I became aware of this when I saw a post from “gromer1” where he warned about the validity of Thu Pug Genetics that JJ (?) was selling at GreenPoint as he'd never sold seeds to JJ and JJ was refusing to comment on where he'd bought them from. I had purchased my seeds from GreenPoint.


I'm continuing to be vigilant with the remaining 19 plants in my flower room, just as I would under 12-12 when growing new unproved, to me, genetics. Also consider the fact that plenty of people have had hermies while growing the more traditional 12-12 and therefore I'm not currently attributing this one set back to my chosen light schedule.

I will continue to update my Instagram acc with pictures of this grow and to date I see no reason to change back to the traditional 12-12 flowering period.


If you have any questions regarding my observations, experiences using alternative lighting schedules and are interested upon expanding upon your “but I have tried it” reply I'd be glad to engage with you about this subject.

I'm certainly interested in when and how you tried this schedule and the results that you had.
If you'd like to expand upon this please feel free to do so here or at Firestax, Seedjunkies or Instagram. I'm using my old FLC pseudonym at Seedjunkies and Firestax.

Once again please accept my apologies for DaftPunk/Time4PlanB/ParkingJoe making a serious discussion into a complete mess and please send my best regards to Hal. I can never remember who's who when it comes to you both, *** or *** ????? it's been a long time since we all cruised about in Hals truck.

I also hope that you're in good health and enjoying your new life in California

sincere regards


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RE: An Open Letter

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Very cool of you Bro. Time to smoke a bowl and get ready for some football.
Oh and by the way,, i found the read very interesting myself. Ive always been pretty open to fresh ideas,,,except when i was jacking with PJ about LEDS,,lol.
And i now am a believer in LEDS after seeing some grows on MP.

We all are a form of Energy,,, and Energy never dies,,IT CHANGES FORMS. Im gonna be Dirt,,your gonna be POO. LOL

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RE: An Open Letter

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Time4planB/smokingjoe still up to same bs. the older I get the more I think the littler a mans dick is the more drama he starts

Sending GreenMojo Your way
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RE: An Open Letter

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I actually went to mp and read that whole thread. Yall can't tell SmokingJoe/Time4planbonehead's style? now I've been out of touch with the forums but his ways are always about the same. wording and signing post at end. he may not start out that way at first but he reverts to his old ways first time someone get the better of him in a argument.

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RE: An Open Letter

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can't believe been away damn near 18 months and the MP drama still the same

that yall I'll say on this chapter of as the mp drama turns

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RE: An Open Letter

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RE: An Open Letter

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Did anyone look at the post date?

This was well over 4 months ago.

BHC #6 7/8

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RE: An Open Letter

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I saw that @Cubby sorry I was out of touch so long. just found it hard to believe same game played by same person and no one recognized the writing style. Wish I had mine and Hick discussion on tell who was who. Hick was a master of figuring out who was playing the head games with who.

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RE: An Open Letter

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yeaH Hickler all ways figured me...lol..Man I miss those days...

not really

Light travels faster then sound....... This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak

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RE: An Open Letter

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Quote: 4u2sm0ke wrote in post #9
yeaH Hickler all ways figured me...lol..Man I miss those days...

not really

hick was a sheep lover........... going way back........ remember these pics from mp micro grow........ y'all held court.......

#1 Rule......... tell no one

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