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Anyone know if the WaxTractor is worthwhile?
"The system is completely pressurized so the butane re-condenses into liquid and allows the plant material to actually sit and "soak" for several minutes (2-3 minutes is suggested). This is two major differences between just a tube and cheese cloth. First is since the butane can re-condense back to a liquid you have a more complete extraction because the plant material can sit for several minutes "soaking" in the liquid butane, the second part is the amount of butane required per extraction is a small portion compared to the continually bleeding of butane into atmosphere in traditional systems. Say it takes 2 full cans to run through an open tube this will only take about 1/2 can for even a more complete extraction, this also makes purging at room temperature very quick without needing to speed up with heat bath and the savings in wasted butane will pay for the apparatus in about 10 uses the smaller system uses about 1/4 of a can so you get about 4 runs per bottle of butane. The glass micron screen also removes 99.9% of all particulate so you are left with only the purest oil....also the Waxtractor is self cleaning just do a small run of butane when empty and the glass screen cleans itself, no disposable filters. It also doesn't get cold, since the system is pressurized the butane can't rapidly evaporate eliminating the need for gloves and risk of severe "cold" burns. When the valve is slowly opened the oil is forced through the glass micron screen and only the drip tip gets cold."

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RE: Tube

in Hash and concentrates Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:15 pm
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there are actually several recovery systems on the market. some are passive and some use vacuum pumps. The passive ones rely on a diferential potential in temperature.

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