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This is a cut and paste of a thread from another site that shows how I go about making my cannabutter.

Step 1. Fine grind the pot. If I'm using popcorn and trim, I do 14 grams per stick, good bud between 8-10g per stick.

Step 2. Put sticks of butter in mason jars with proper grammage. Place jar in a crock pot full of water, lined with dish towels to keep heat down. You NEVER want the butter to boil. Pics don't show this, but be sure to put the lids on the jars too, and back on every time you stir. Also, don't leave the towels hanging out over the edge. Since I've taken these pics I now only use one towel folded in half in the bottom of the crock pot.

Every few hours be sure to give a little stir, and keep the level of the water above the melted butter line. Leave the butter to steep in this manner for 36-48 hours.

After the proper time has gone by, you're ready to strain. I put a knee high panty house over a kitchen sieve. Put a plastic bag on my hand and press the plant material into the sieve to strain out the butter. Sometimes I do the beginning of the straining pressing down with a wooden spoon and then finish getting the last of it with my hands.

Once you've strained all the butter into a container, add a cup or two of water, put on the lid of the container and set in the fridge. Hour or two the butter is solid enough to drain off the water. I do this by cutting a small piece of the butter out and just pouring the water out.

Now you want to clarify "wash" the butter. I do this by breaking the butter up in a nonstick saucepan and additing water until it's about an inch to 1/2 inch above the butter pieces. Lowest setting on the burner stir and melt the butter into the water. As soon as you see no pieces, take it off the burner and set the whole pan in the fridge. Give it a 1/2hr-45 minutes to separate, drain off the water by making a notch, start over. I do this twice, and with the original clarifying that makes it just fine for me. If the flavor is still too strong for you just do additional clarifying rounds.

Here's the final product after the original clarifying round. You'll lose more green as you do additional rounds

I prefer this slow extraction process as I personally find the final product to be much more potent to other methods I've tried. It takes some patience, but I think if you try it once and compare decarbed bud butter you'll see a difference too. This, of course, is in comparison to using raw plant material, not oils or hash.

Make no bake cookies to maintain potency. Any time you get the butter over 200 degrees you decrease potency.

Here's my favorite no bake recipe

4 Milky Way bars
1 cup chocolate chips
Minimum 180 grams of butter
3 cups rice krispies

In a double boiler, or a small saucepan in a larger saucepan of water, burner on lowest setting, melt 120grams of butter with the millky way bars until smooth, stir in rice crispies, press into 11x13 pan lined with wax paper. Again in double boiler or saucepans, melt choc. chips w remaining 60 grams butter, spread over rice krispy layer, set in fridge for an hour, freezer for 1/2 hr, eat, get f-upped up!

This recipe will take what you get from 3 sticks of butter. Usually I get a return from 3 sticks of about 225 grams. I just divide those grams into 3 equal parts, put 2 parts with the milky ways and add an additional 1/2c rice crispies to absorb extra butter, 1 part with the choc. chips with added chips. You want a thick, spreadable topping, not a runny one that seeps through the cereal.

As a side note, I use this same extraction process to make flavored savory butters, such as Italian or just plain Basil, using fresh herbs and a 14 hour steep time, if you're into that kind of thing.

Cannot figure out why the pic of the butter with the hole cut in it is showing 3 times, and I can't figure out how to delete 2 of them. Ozzy, when you have a moment, can you do that for me?

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