Kyle's Near Clear Shatter

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Kyle's Near Clear Shatter

Okay this is a recipe that I myself have come up with. I found that for me this recipe works the best for making shatter without pulling to much crap into your oil.
Things you will need:
1. 1/2lb(.227kg) of high quality marijuana
2. one five gallon bucket
3. one 75 micron bubble bag
4. 2lb of dry ice
5. A few cans of highly refined butane
6. A butane extractor
7. Vacuum pump and chamber (Optional)

1. take your bud and break it up into small pieces then place it in the bucket
2. take your dry ice and break it up into small pieces then place it in the bucket
3. cover the bucket with your 75 micron bubble bag and let sit for 10 minutes
4. find a glass surface and turn the bucket upside down then commence shaking the bucket like a giant salt shaker.
5. After you have made your dry ice kief using the 75 micron and pack it into your extractor
6. run butane through and most of the kief should turn into oil leaving very little plant matter behind (the oil should come out really light in color)
7. Collect the oil and purge it at 35cfm in your vacuum chamber (heat purging works too)

8. after about the 5th purge your oil should be near clear with a little yellow in color

I found this method to produce the clearest shatter out there.

Also, hexane works really well as long as it is filtered.

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