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Getting Rid Of Slimy Roots by The Brother's Grunt

Slimy roots are a sign of algae growth. To get rid of algae just follow the instructions and any algae should be gone in a few days.

Make a solution the size of your container with plain water and 10 ml H2O2 (HYDROGEN PEROXIDE) added per gallon of water. Empty the container that has the algae and scrub well. Pour the H202 mixture into the container through the top of your net pot. Let this set for about 1/2 hour. Then dump and rinse through the top of the net pot with plain PH adjusted (PH 5.5) water. Dump again then fill with your standard nute solution with 5 ml of H202 added. After a few days when there are no longer signs of slime visable dump your container and fill it back up with your normal nute solution.

Stopping Algae From Growing In Your Container

It's very important to keep light from getting to your nutes. it's recommended that your containers be dark. If your containers are clear or white you can use black duct tape or anti-corrosion pipe tape. Be sure that the top is also taped that no light can get through.

Algae needs light in order to grow. Making sure no light gets to your nutes through the container is the best way to prevent algae growth. Algae also thrives in anaerobic conditions (meaning lack of oxygen). Be sure that plenty of air is being pumped into the containers. 600 cc's / min per gallon will ensure plenty of oxygen is being introduced into the nutes.

Please do not respond to this thread it is for educational purposes only. If you want to add something send me a PM and i will toss it in. Thank You, TBG

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Just a quick heads up for everyone -

It should be noted the dilution ratios above are for basic 3% hydrogen peroxide. The same stuff you buy at the pharmacy.

However, if you buy your H2O2 at your hydroponics store, most of them sell food grade H2O2 which is 35%. If you use the dilution ratios above i.e. 10 mil/gallon, with the food grade H2O2 you will fry your roots. Might as well try hydroponics with pure bleach for a nutrient solution.
So, if using food grade/35% H2O2 to cure pythium or other bacteria and fungii that can plague a hydro grow, use only 10-15 DROPS (from an eyedropper) per gallon. As a preventative add 5 drops per gallon of solution each week.

Ahh, I should have been more specific in that post.
You can not "cure" pythium. It is a bacteria. It is always present.
You can prevent and "cure" the symptoms of a pythium infection. In this case, "cure" simply means ridding the plant of infectious symptoms. The actual bacteria will still be present.
The key is to make your root zone hospitable to the roots, not to bacteria, usually caused by low oxygen levels in the solution or high temp solutions (which also causes low O2 levels).
Cool nutrient solution temps (68-73 F) and proper aeration will not allow pythium to grow.

Hope that clarifies, havent finished my coffee yet this morning

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