Thanksgiving memories

in Just saying Hi Thu Nov 28, 2013 12:53 pm
by umbra | 780 Posts | 4085 Points

I have found that some memories never go away....good or bad. In my family, I am the black sheep simply because I smoke cannabis. Well actually, every male in this family smokes cannabis. And every female has no tolerance for it. But I am the only one they treat like a pariah. So every year I tend to dread going to my sister's. It is a formula for family fun, lol. But the one Thanksgiving that will always be the one I think about, happened 20 years ago or so. I was married. My ex-wife is bi polar...well more than just bi polar. I wake up to folks knocking on the front door. Its my 2 sisters ready for Thanksgiving breakfast. I'm thinking wtf? Before I can go up stairs, more people start arriving. I look outside and there is a line forming to the entrance to my house. They were all there for Thanksgiving breakfast. Hhmmm wtf indeed. So my ex had gone to everyone's house and invited them the night before, but failed to mention it to me. She had not cooked, cleaned, or even woken up when everyone started arriving. My sisters tried to do something, by making coffee. I was on dish duty and feeding a hungry little baby, while 1 of my sisters went out and got stuff for people to eat. Somehow I managed to feed 35 folks who just dropped by, when my ex finally walks down stairs. First thing out of her mouth, "oh yeah I invite some people over." And I will never forget that Thanksgiving!

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RE: Thanksgiving memories

in Just saying Hi Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:09 pm
by Cubby | 1.267 Posts | 4795 Points

The first Thankgiving with my second stepfather, my mom told him to take his elbows of the table, he didn't do it, she threw a carving knife, stuck right in his shoulder.....9 stiches, he never put his elbows on the table again.

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RE: Thanksgiving memories

in Just saying Hi Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:43 am
by orangesunshine | 803 Posts | 3182 Points

NY 1986ish---had the gf over to make a turkey dinner at my pad----she's cooking---old gas stove turkey is in for a good hour or so---i'm watching football naked on the couch j/k---she checks the turkey and tells me the oven needs is not heating up---i ask---did you light it---she says no and tries to light the pilot light---well you know whats next---big blue ball of fire singes her eye lashes, eye brows, and all that little soft hair around her face---i finished the cooking---we made the best of the day with the smell of burnt hair in the house---she cried---i was her hero

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RE: Thanksgiving memories

in Just saying Hi Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:49 am
by umbra | 780 Posts | 4085 Points

I asked this question as my family was sitting down to dinner. And 1 of my sisters reminded me of when her sons were 14 and 8 and they were playing WWF wrestling and 1 sons broke the others arm at the elbow. Fun at the ER. I had forgotten about that one.

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