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I've been told to try to keep humidity at about 50%, much higher I risk powder mold.
The potential problem I have is low humidity, my grow room runs about 30-35%.
The question is, can it be bad/harmful to run humidity to low? Can it dry out the odor causing tricomes/oils resulting in a less potent flower?
For now I like the low humidity but am I harming my plants?

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RE: humidity

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I have a problem keeping my humidity above 20% and my plants are doing good. Lower humidity during flower is better than to high. I think yours is good. I have also read that lower humidity causes the plant to produce more resin to protect the leaves from drying out. Other opinions welcomed.

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RE: humidity

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by 4u2sm0ke • Marijuana is good | 2.333 Posts | 10572 Points

I run at 50% in Veg...and try and maintain a 40% in flower...its harder with the More lights though...Powder mold is more in the lack of air movement/exchange than humidity...a Higher humity will also lower the chances of mite infestations....Mites thrive in low humidity and High temps...in the veg area I like to use misters...raises the Humidity very well....in the past I have used Damp towels Hanging in the room....and even the Buckets of water will help raise it too....

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