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Hi everyone! Im sure some of you know me from MP. I used to be a very active member up until 2011. So for those that dont know me, and my story, here we go....

Ive always enjoyed a good smoke ever since I was a teen. It helped me with depression mostly, and just made life a little more bearable. As I got older I decided it was time to grow my own. My first 2-3 grows were awful. I could not understand why what I was growing was so nasty compared to the grass I was paying for. I spent hours on MP, and other sites learning about genetics, environments, genetics, nutrients, lumens, pests, the list goes on and on. After those 2-3 unsuccessful grows I buckled down and had a couple decent grows running DWC. I was still a newbie, and had a lot to learn.

My family and I moved to a new location. I finally had the room indoors to set up a veg, and flower room fit for my standards. My girlfriend was not happy she had no closet in the master....I also vegged in another room in a small guests closet. I opted to try coco for the first time with some advice from good friends. My veg room consisted of cfl's, and a few fans. I had many genetics by this time, with seedlings and clones running. All in all I think I had 26 seedlings and clones up and running in the veg room. In my flower room, 5x5, I had 2-400 watt hps luminex bulbs running digital ballasts, passive intake, and great exhaust. I also used only the best nutrients, and r/o water. Things were really looking up, as by now I had a dozen or so good grows under my belt, and was expecting nothing but great results from this run. my plants in the flower room were in different stages. 13 plants, some in smaller pots, some in 5 gallon buckets. I usually pulled 2-3 plants at the same time, and then replaced with 2-3 or more vegged plants ready to mature. Here comes the fun part.

I had something hanging over my head from a few years prior that I ignored. Big Mistake!!! I left the house one friday morning to run to home depot, autozone, and walmart. While I was gone, officers served a warrant for my arrest at my home. My girlfriend answered the door in a tshirt and panties. The officers asked if I was home, and she stated I ran a few errands and she could call me to inform me of the warrant so I could return for my arrest. They refused. She asked if she could put on some shorts while speaking to them at the door, they said yes. As she shut the door the officers pushed the door open and entered my home. She explained I was not there, and they asked her to sit on the couch while they searched. I cant imagine how she felt knowing they would find my grow with her and the kids in the house. They entered a bedroom in the back which contained my veg room. Once found, they called for back up. The 2 officers that originally entered the home left to look for me at the stores. As I walked out of walmart I was confronted near my vehicle. I was told i had a arrest warrant in another county. I was detained without incident. Once cuffed and placed in the car, I was told we would be returning to my residence rather then transporting me to jail in the next county. When I asked why, (which I knew why), they stated that would be discussed when we got there. At this time my heart sank. I knew I let my girlfriend, kids, and myself down and the crap had hit the fan. When we returned I saw my front door was open. There were officers everywhere going in and out of my front door. While I was sitting in the car a detective came and asked if I would give permission for them to search the house. I looked at him very odly and said, "your already in my house". He was not very happy. I was taken out of the car still cuffed and braught into my home where my girlfriend sat on the couch crying. My kids were in the back room watching tv. At this time I realized the cops knew nothing about my flower room. I prayed I would wake up from this nightmare. The cops placed a probably cause warrant out to a judge which he signed, and the search began. It was a free for all. Coco was everywhere, the house stunk of dank weed because they were agitating everything. They found everything. One cop asked me if there were any large amounts of cash in the house. I told them to check the attic. It was summer, and the attic was about 120 degrees, I had no money up there. While sitting there I was asked a series of questions which I stuck to my guns. My girlfriend sang like a bird, and I understand the kids played a huge factor in this mess. My brother picked up my kids thank god. My girlfriend and I were arrested together, and charged with cultivation, poss over 20 grams, traffiking, and paraphernalia. Our bonds were almost $200,000 each. The next few days she received a bond reduction and bonded out. My bond was denied. The traffiking charge was listed as over 25 lbs, or over 300 plants, neigher of which I had. That charge is what kept me from posting my bond due to the amount. I was offered 5 years in prison and 5 years probation. I declined the offer. ^ monthes later I was offered 38 monthes in prison. I declined that also. 10.5 monthes later I had a motion to suppress hearing. That was my big day. My attorney, girlfriend, her attorney, and my family were all to be present at this hearing. The motion written by my attorney must have caught the eye of the prosecutors. I entered the room only to find it empty exept for the judge, state attorney, bailiff, and I. I was very confused as to what was happening. The just stated my name, and such, then the state attorney spoke. He informed the courts that my attorney was contacted earlier that day and was informed that the state would be dropping the charges on my case. WTF? No hearing? No arguments? I had been standing there for 30 seconds and they were dropping the case. At this time it didnt sink in. The bailiff escorted me out of the courtroom, and as aI left the judge would not make eye contact with me at all. I aksed if it was over when in the next room, the bailiff said this case is, I stated this was my only case. I got to go home to my family that day free and clear. The officers violated my constitutional rights by entering my home with no probably cause to believe I was there, exigent circumstances, nor a search warrant. I counted my blessings.

As soon as I left I contacted many attorneys trying to file a lawsuit against the training of these officers. Out of over 100, I finally got one to listen. He is filing the second notion in whih they have 20 days to respond. No amount of $ can make up for 10 months in jail, the look on my girlfriends face when they arrested us both, the stress my whole family endured over a plant I grew in my closet. There are a lot of factors I left out in this short story. What did I learn? Dont let things hang over your head. Take care of loose ends. Dont put your family in jepordy. And go with your gut. A week or 2 before the illegal search and seizure I was getting nervouse about my sorroundings, as if I knew something was going to happen.

This story is not to frighten anyone, its to let you know where I stand, and if you asked if I would grow in my state again.....probably not until laws change. My state granted medical marijuana to be voted on this november. It makes me so happy I cant tell you. People should be able to make their own choices, and these laws need to change.

My girlfriend and I are still together with the kids, and we are happy. I am happy to be here, and I hope to visit as much as I can. Now that you know a LITTLE about who Loola is and my story lets burn one down!

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RE: Loolagigi signing in

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by 4u2sm0ke • Marijuana is good | 2.333 Posts | 10572 Points

Welcome to MC....

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RE: Loolagigi signing in

in Just saying Hi Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:06 pm
by BudGrower | 547 Posts | 1925 Points

welcome, hope u enjoy it here

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RE: Loolagigi signing in

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by orangesunshine | 803 Posts | 3182 Points

good to see u made it back home man

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RE: Loolagigi signing in

in Just saying Hi Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:38 pm
by ozzydiodude • The Weird One | 2.474 Posts | 11542 Points

Good to see you getting back into life

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RE: Loolagigi signing in

in Just saying Hi Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:05 pm
by Rosebud | 499 Posts | 2113 Points

I am glad you and your girlfriend made it thru that... peace and glad you are here.

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